Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgivings You Little Stuffings...

Wow! Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful year 2011 is going to be. What a strange beautiful holiday season we have all just begun.

I checked my analytics thinger-ma-bob and noticed a ton of people are still coming here. Rad. you should read the old shit. It's pretty good...

But, if you're looking for th real new high-power octane speed post go check me out at the tumble-spot - here - it jumps

PS Happy thanksgiving. You are so beautiful,


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Beginning Friday the 11th, as a part of the Queens Art Express, Local Project will be hosting their annual “Art on Vinyl” exhibition.

LOCAL PROJECT “Art On Vinyl 2010” Opening reception Friday June 11, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Artists: Alejandra Villasmil, Alexis Neider, Annie Murdock, Amy Tamayo, Annie Murdock, Alberto Borea, Betty T. Kao, Calder Zwicky , Carolina Peñaffiel, Cristian Pietrapiana, Efrain Trujillo, Ivan Trujillo, Joe Loquirato, June Kosloff, Keith Pavia, Louise Weinberg, Marcelo Fazzalari, Maria Paz Contreras, Moses Ros, Natalie Gontcharova, Pablo Jansana, Paul Lambermont, Philippe Avila, Renzo Ortega, Rebecca Memoli, Rosario Llanes, Sarah Reynolds, Sebastian Loaysa, Sol Aramendi, Taylor, Trish Mayo, Yoon Choo and more.

- Special performance by Dru Barnes.

- Avante- gaurd turntablist( I am not my history ).

Saturday June 12 and Sunday 13 Local Project will be hosting DJ’s outdoors from 1pm on including:

DJ Miss Summers, Camaron Polar, Jason Orwell, Toby Tech, Jhonny Boy, JuanMapu, Wind-up Bird, Velvet (of super-duo Velvet and Vanity,) Mauricio Morales, DJ Otomi Yo! and many more.

ALSO Neighbors Project Luz will have a reception celebrating new works with a presentation on Friday evening, and events all weekend.


7:00 pm - Open House

8:30pm Students Projects Exhibition and Outdoor Screening

Saturday / Sábado

10:00 am - 7:00 pm - Open House

5:00 - 7:00 pm -Moma family workshop: wired sculpture jewelery.

-Free Headshots by Project Luz students

Sunday / Domingo

10:00 am - 7:00 pm - Open House

11:00am y 5:00pm free Intro to photography class

Local Project 45-10 Davis St.

Long Island City, New York 11101

Monday, May 24, 2010

Migrating some stuff

Lots of old stuff will be going up here from old sites, plus some new stuff. And yeah. That's dave Sweetapple of Sweet Apple with a bunch of Kangaroos.

Check it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gary Carter Raw



So, I am a crazy baseball person. We're Mets fans.

But I decided when I started this thing that I was going to keep baseball out of it. My crazy reasons are my own.

I'm letting this post slide on account of its significant cultural value. Even if you hate baseball, maybe especially if you hate it go check out Gary Carter Raw.

Just going to leave it at that. Go check it.

Thank you one ton,Thrillist, for the tip!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Will be here for the next few days...

Looking forward to the semi-boneless duck and the big tubing hill. Jess doing a bunch of massage stuff. Will pump her for a report.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sherry Weaver's SpeakEasy

I'll be at one of the last the SpeakEasys ever. Ophira Eisenberg is on the bill too. She is amazing. Sherry has been doing this a long, long time, and is about the only person I know who could pull something like this off as well as she has for as long as she has in a crazier possible way. Bravo Strange Lady! If you've never seen one, you should come out and check it.

PS Dig the 800year old publicity shot (by
Carolina Penafiel!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daniele Tamagni's Gentlemen of Bacongo

Finally ordered a copy of Gentlemen of Bacongo by photographer, Daniele Tamagni.

I have been dying for a copy of this book.

The book delves into the culture of the Sapeurs in Africa. The word Sapeur comes from la SAPE, short for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, or the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People, but I have also heard the phrase translated as the Society for the advancement of People of Elegance.

There is a strict code of conduct enforced among these African dandies that forbids any violence except for one dressed down night a week where rival groups will get together at local bars to fight.

Oh my God. I am in love.

Daniele Tamagni's Gentlemen of Bacongo. Grab a copy while you still can.


PS Jacked these photos from Synaesthetical. Good stuff there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

James Roday and Michael Weston in Extinction

Saw Extinction last night, and I won't ruin the surprise ending for you, but I swear James Roday was pointing at me! I was like, "Oh my God! James Roday is pointing right at me!"

I love Roday. I'm down with his whole thing. That being said, I think the dude has spent too much time in California, and the absolute saddest thing in the world is that it kind of felt like he knew it. It felt like he he thought, "Yes! This is real! Something I can take back to NYC!," and then he got here and was like, "Oh shit.. I forgot that shit that seems cool and sophisticated in L.A. seems like it was written by a 9th grader in New York."

But he didn't write it.

The performances were just fucking great. Ro-to-the-day was as good as you would expect and even less annoying.

Weston was on fire. On fire. Totally just saying, 'Fuck if it's good or bad. I signed up. I'm going do it to 10.," and he did.

The dark haired chick, Stefanie E. Frame, was totally inoffensive and weirdly beautiful in a gigantic legged way, but not super convincing.

Amanda Detmer was absolutely totally worth the price of admission. Wow. Can't really explain her appeal without sounding like a retarded pervert, but if I could I'd be saying something like, "Where did this frightening, beautiful, hideous, wide-eyed-doe, whore, mother, friend, protector come from, and does she have an even older hotter sister?"

She really was the show and took it from a kind of brilliant, understated acting through facial expressions to a center stage, "Let me tell you a thing or two about men sister," Mae West thing and back in like two seconds, and it worked perfectly. Bravo Detmer. You rocked my nuts.

The set and costumes sucked, and could have really cheaply and easily improved the experience for every one. No real other way to put it.

Over all. I give it five hamburgers. They were tasty, and I'm glad I ate them, but did I really need FIVE hamburgers?

One of the reasons I never get soopa-doopa skinny

I order this sandwich sometimes when I'm... alone. It's also a humdinger if you are feeling sad, or confused by your feelings about a play.

I call it a Mechanical Bull. If you want to know why you'll have to ask the sandwich's creator Jessica Vulte. I can't tell you. The story is just too damn sexy.

It's not on the menu but if you're in the neighborhood call Tommy's and tell them you want a hero with egg and corned-beef hash that's what you get. It is perfect just like that. Maybe a little hot sauce. The whole bread weighs like an ounce and cracks like the last viable dinosaur egg when you chomp it, and then of course the hash and egg are like the dinosaur embryo or whatever.

Take that Godzilla!

The real version of this sandwich is as above with mayo, bacon and cheese, and every time Jessica comes to visit she eats one on on the couch in her PJs. The whole thing. It is crazy, unreal hot, and you know it. I can't even handle more than a bite, and look at me. I'm tougher than a biscut!

Seriously though, if you see Jessica, ask her about that wet T-shirt-mechanical-bull fiasco.

Tommy's. Check em' out!
3795 Broadway at 157
  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
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  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
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  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)

  • 3795 Broadway, New York NY10032 40.8343698 -73.9448136
  • (Btwn 157th & 158th St)
  • Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Turns out Joey Doesn't like being called a Retard... Go figure.

    I also heard he hates that picture (below) so I thought I'd stick in this one where you can tell how ruggedly handsome he really is. Also I love this chick's glasses.

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Crips & Retards Against Sarah Palin (It's ok, it's Satire)

    This is my good friend Greg Walloch and his boytoy Joey Hood. As you can see in this photo, Greg is a crip and Joey is clearly retarded. As such, they face many of the same challenges my parents faced as a German and a Jamaican trying to make it as a couple in the America of the sixties.
    So, Greg started this Facebook Group called Crips & Retards Against Sarah Palin (It's ok, it's Satire), and I wanted to throw up a link because I think it's a good cause and because I mean... What if she stated presuming to speak for you the way she is for retards. That would suck. Also I like the picture. I'll stick in some info below, and if you give a crap you can click the link and join the group. I did. I don't know what happens after that. I think if like ten people join a bunch of rainbows break out over Alaska and some kind of demon will come out of the sea. Something like that

    From the Facebook Page


    Crips & Retards Against Sarah Palin (It's ok, it's Satire)


    Disabled writer and performer Greg Walloch wants you to join him on Crips & Retards Against Sarah Palin (It's ok, it's Satire).

    I have a special need... To stop Sarah Palin from speaking on behalf of people with disabilities. Who's with me? Make your voice heard and speak for yourself!

    Please feel free to promote your disability awareness/pride events on this page. Speak up and speak out!

    Anybody can join, "Because everyone of us is disabled... In our very own special way."

    - Greg Walloch

    All content is public.
    You can also always keep up with Greg's gay, crippled machinations here.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Fused Super-Phenomena

    So, you know all these weird pictures of people's kids you end up having to see because... I guess because the whole world is just totally trying to freak you out.

    And you know all those online mean-mags like Gawker and D-Listed?

    I was thinking maybe there must be some way I could combine those two phenomena into one fused super-phenomena, and before it goes any further I think I should say the inspiration came entirely from this photo of my friends Bob and Eileen's son.

    It might also be worth mentioning I was listening to Styx's Grand Illusion when I was slapped with this inspiration.